Scones with clotted cream – the traditional British teatime treat

Spend a Sunday afternoon with Achim Schwekendiek and learn how to bake perfect homemade scones, courtesy of English in Hamburg

A British teatime treat

One of the most recognisable treats that has managed to make it’s way beyond Britain’s borders must be scones with clotted cream. Even though British cuisine historically, and today rather unfairly, suffers from a questionable reputation, scones do surprisingly well. Aficionados of British culture and language who’ve had the rare pleasure of trying hot scones with clotted cream will always smile when reminded of the warm feelings they evoke.

Dedicated support

Therefore, English In Hamburg has decided to let the world know how to produce these seemingly irresistible traditional treats. Although we are pretty good at English and not too bad at cooking, we thought we might need a little help in order to cook this delicacy to perfection. Luckily, a friend and cookery expert has happily offered to lend a hand and share his culinary secrets with us. Our friend has made quite a name for himself as a chef both in and outside of Germany. You may have heard of him, his name is Achim Schwekendiek.

Comprehensive expertise

So, on Sunday the 23rd of September at 2 pm, we will unveil the secrets of this legendary teatime treat. We will leave no questions unanswered. You will leave our homely establishment as an expert on the background, history, production, consumption and taste of scones. Also, if you’d like to, you’re welcome to lend the chef a hand. And, of course, you’ll have to help us gobble up the scrumptious results of our baking session, accompanied by a good strong cup of British tea.

We’d love you to join us, so simply send an email to book your place here. The cost is €20 per person (which includes the recipe and ingredients and a nice pot of tea).
We look forward to seeing you soon at the friendly home of English In Hamburg.


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